It's time for a change.

I’m running for Tooele County Commission because it’s time for change. It’s time to listen to the citizens. It’s time for diversity. It’s time that Commissioners’ salary is comparable to those they serve. It’s time to plan for growth and build infrastructure. It’s time to be financially responsible.  It’s time to slow tax increases and be accountable to taxpayers for how their money is spent.

I support the recommendation of the Study Tooele County Form of Government Committee. I want to see a greater emphasis on county based mental health and addiction recovery services. I think it’s important to support small businesses not just large corporations. I believe Toole County needs to persuade diverse industries to come here to provide local employment opportunities with competitive wages. We need to find a solution to the bottleneck issue on I-80 and through Lakepoint. I believe it’s the responsibility of our county leaders to provide all residents with a safe place to live and equal opportunities to thrive.

I’ve lived in Tooele County for 16 years. Ten years in Tooele City and the last six years in Stansbury Park. I have enjoyed raising my family in this beautiful valley and have watched it grow. I’ve been married to my husband Michael for 21 years and am the mother of five daughters including two sets of twins. I’ve been actively engaged in community affairs as an employee and in a variety of volunteer positions. I’ve recently completed an MBA degree and am a current elected board member of the Stansbury Service Agency.

I look forward to working hard with other elected and appointed leaders to bring about changes needed to enhance our community. I know that with strong leadership and an eye towards the future we can, and will, have a more amazing and successful county. A place travelers will want to visit. A place where industry will want to set up shop. And a place where families will lay down roots.




Growth is coming whether we are ready or not. Our current and past leadership have invited  and embraced it. I am not inherently opposed to growth but we need to manage growth and be better prepared for it. We need to plan for the increased traffic and congestion on our roads and highways. The Midvalley Highway may help with some of these issues but it will not solve or deal with the bottleneck of I-80 from the Lakepoint on ramp to the SR201 off ramp. We need leaders that will put the pressure on and work with the state legislature and UDOT to come up with a solution to this problem.

Form of Government

I fully support the "Study Tooele County Form of Government" committee recommendation. I attended several meetings and was allowed the honor of working on a sub-committee to assist this dedicated group of citizens. I watched as current leaders and their representatives worked to discredit and sabotage the efforts of the volunteer committee. After 1000’s of hours of research, meetings and work the committee came to the conclusion that the best option for form of government for Tooele County would be a five-member, part-time council with an appointed (hired) county manager. In addition, the five council positions would be districted to help all residents feel they have fair representation at the county level.

Commissioner Compensation

I along with the rest of the county was shocked and dumbfounded when our current commissioners voted to raise their pay in 2016. While they can argue that they are working full time and their pay is equivalent to other county’s commissions compensation the truth is they are being compensated along with many other elected officials well above the average pay of residents in our county. The commissioners were asked to provide information on how many hours they spend doing their job and their reply on the record was that they could not. We should not be paying commissioners for work they may or may not be doing. We need to be paying our leaders an equivalent compensation to that of the average resident in this county. Our commissioners should also be able to prove and document the hours worked, projects completed and benefits they provide for the amount of money we as taxpayers are paying them. One of the first things I would do as a commissioner would be to propose a reduction in commission compensation.


In 2014 the Commissioners annual budget was $284,262. Of this amount 95% made up the three commissioners compensation. The remaining 5% was for phone, donations, travel and training and equipment. In 2018 the Commissioners budget ballooned to $758,409. In four short years this budget increased over 166%. The commissioners compensation makes up up about 74% of the total budget. The remaining 26% includes phone, donations, travel and training and equipment with new categories including vehicle O&M. I find it disturbing that the commission budget has grown to such a number in such a short time while unincorporated Tooele County residents are lacking county services like a library, decent and humane animal control, and more Sheriff’s deputies to patrol our streets and communities. I am committed to bringing the budget back to a more appropriate amount that will be responsible, reasonable and will benefit the residents of this county.

Animal Control

We need to have decent and humane animal control in our county. We should have a goal to become a no kill county and soon. I will work to renegotiate the current contract with Dr. Roundy’s office or work to find a better solution so that our stray animals can go to a shelter and be given the option at having a more fulfilling life.

I'm a mom, education advocate, entrepreneur, non-profit manager, elected official and a moderate voice. I care about the issues that matter to you: growth, tax increases, spending, economic development and clean air.

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